Dr. Dub’s First Day as President of Union University

On June 2, 2014, the 16th president of Union University celebrated his first official day.

The life of a university president is a very busy one, so we wanted to give Dr. Oliver and Mrs. Susie a chance to properly meet everyone before getting into the swing of things. The morning began with a wonderful breakfast reception in Barefoots Joe, and guests enjoyed delicious coffee, scones, fruit and chicken biscuits. After praying over the Olivers, employees were able to mingle with the president and first lady for most of the morning.

unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-09 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-10 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-08

During the evening, Union University and Jackson community leaders gathered at Providence House in Jackson for another welcoming reception called Bowties & Bulldogs. Dr. Dub and Susie, along with their daughter Callie, had the opportunity to meet key leaders of the city, and Mayor Gist officially welcomed them with a joint proclamation from the city and county mayors. The proclamation declared June 2, 2014, as “Samuel W. Oliver Day.” It was a joyful celebration of the Olivers and a perfect way to welcome them to their new home. We are looking forward to seeing God’s plan for the Olivers here!

unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-03 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-07 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-06 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-02 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-05 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-01 unionuniversity-duboliverwelcome-04


Special thanks to the Office of University Relations for making Bowties and Bulldogs such a successful event, and to Casey Jones Village for providing such a perfect setting.

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