Union University Welcomes Many for New Student Registration Day

Registration Day. You could describe it as hectic, jam-packed, overwhelming or any other term that basically means “busy,” but one word sums it up best: exciting. For some new students, it is the day when their journey to college starts to feel real. When we posted a photograph on Facebook of the morning orientation crowd, several alumni commented how well they remember their own registration day. It’s hard to forget the first time you registered for college classes, opened the door to your first college bedroom and met the roommates that may become your very best friends. These are moments that students never forget, and so many new students got to experience them Monday.



The day began with new students and their parents gathering in the gym for an introduction and instructions for the day. Everyone was treated to a light breakfast before moving on to other areas of campus.

140616KM_RegistrationDay029 140616KM_RegistrationDay084

After leaving the gym, new students registered for classes with their advisors, learned about student organizations and received their residence assignments. During this time, parents of new students heard from leaders in several areas, such as University Ministries and the Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career.

140616KM_RegistrationDay113140616KM_RegistrationDay131 140616KM_RegistrationDay142

Lunch was held in the chapel, where new students and their parents heard from Dr. Dub Oliver. This was his first registration day as president of Union University, and he spent much of his time greeting and welcoming guests. It was a great day for all involved, and the Union University family is very excited to see our new students back on campus in the fall!

140616KM_RegistrationDay180 140616KM_RegistrationDay164   140616KM_RegistrationDay200

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