First Year at UU – Greek Life and Events

This is the first post in a series called “First Year at UU” which will be written by first-year students. Our hope with this series is that readers, especially prospective students, will get a look at what it’s like at Union University during that initial year and even get some advice on how to make it as great as possible!

Josiah Murphy headshot Post by Josiah Murphy, freshman broadcast journalism major.

Union University hosted its annual Greek Olympics this past Saturday. The Olympics are an opportunity for the three fraternities and three sororities to compete with each other in five different events: swimming, football throw, relay race, rope pull and chariot race. The fraternities on campus are Alpha Tau Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and the sororities are Chi Omega, Kappa Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha. Representatives from each chapter competed in the events while their brothers and sisters cheered them on. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the overall men’s champion, while Chi Omega took the trophy home for the ladies.

This event made me reflect on how great Greek life is here at Union. I personally have joined a fraternity and have enjoyed every minute of it. The men in my chapter were some of the first friends I made when I came on campus. They have welcomed me and made me feel right at home. My fraternity brothers have also been so encouraging to me in this first year at Union, and I don’t know what I would do without them.

It is important to note that Greek life here is very different from what one might experience at a state school. The chapters on campus are internationally recognized and members of the Interfraternity Council (men) and the Panhellenic Council (women). Jason Castles, director of student leadership and engagement, has some great insight into what makes Union University Greek life different:

“A number of colleges and universities maintain a passionate dedication to Christian education. Many more feature active Greek organizations that are important to campus life and culture. Union University is a member of the smallest group of schools that has found a way to maintain a Greek system within an educational context that is unashamedly Christ-centered. The benefits of being a member of the Greek community at Union include the following: academic focus, leadership development opportunities, community service involvement, and Christian accountability. The brotherhood and sisterhood that you will find at Union is unique from any other campus and provides you with the opportunity to have fun together through retreats, intramurals, and social events.”

If you choose to attend Union University, especially starting in the fall, I encourage you to go through recruitment, even if you don’t think you want to join. It is a great way for you to meet new people and enjoy some fantastic (free!) food. And who knows? Maybe you will discover a chapter that you really like and want to join. Each chapter has its own personality and culture, and if you know you want to be a part of Greek life, I’m sure you will find a good fit!

Finally, I want all of you future college students – yes, you – to know that you’re in my prayers. Picking a college can be very stressful, but you should take comfort in knowing that God has the perfect place picked out for you already. And hopefully, that place is Union!

Kappa Delta women cheering for their sisters during Greek Olympics Members of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon race against Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega during the chariot race at Greek Olympics. Women of Chi Omega cheer during Greek Olympics Women of Zeta Tau Alpha cheer for their sisters during Greek Olympics. Men of ATO compete during Greek Olympics Men of SAE yell and cheer for their fraternity brothers during Greek Olympics. Greek Olympics relay race Women of Kappa Delta throw up their KD sign during Greek Olympics

All Greek Olympics photos by Emily Stookey, student photographer.

Thanks so much to Josiah for that great look into how Greek life can play a part in the first year at Union! Learn more about Union Greek life on our website. We look forward to sharing many more insights like this in the weeks to come. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like our first-year students to share. Tweet us @Unionuniversity to let us know!

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