Campus and Community- A Day of Remembrance and Service

Post by Matthew Marshall, director for service and diversity initiatives

Philippians 2 tells us that we are to always live with the mind of Christ, who although He was God, became a servant for our sake.  So, we are to do likewise by offering ourselves in service to others.  Campus and Community Day is just one example of how we get to do that.  At times Christianity can get a bad rap in the media, so what a great opportunity to demonstrate some of the good we do, the love we demonstrate and the merciful God we serve.

Campus and Community: A Day of Remembrance and Service also allows Union to show its appreciation to the community in return for its assistance to us after tornadoes hit our campus in 2002, 2003, and 2008.  It gives us the opportunity to say to the community, “Thank you!”  It also affords us yet another occasion to tangibly embody the mission of the University to serve church and society.  On this day our campus can follow in the way of Christ by placing others above ourselves, and serving even as He served.

We had about 900 volunteers go out into the community to serve, and they worked at over 50 different locations.  Faculty, staff and students served at retirement villages, local schools, churches, shelters, and at private residences.

More information about Campus and Community Day can be found in the official news release

Photos below by Kristi Woody, web design specialist, and MiKalla Cotton, student photographer.

Students work at ROAR, an after school program Tina Netland mops the floor during a service project Students do yard work at East Elementary School Morgan Morfe helps with yard work for Campus and Community Day Scott Heit tapes off a room to be painted during a service project A group from the university paints a room at ROAR, an after school program Students and staff work together on a service project Students work on a community service project at an elementary school

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