Topping Out Ceremony for the Library

Many people may not have heard of a “topping out,” but it’s quite a neat event during the construction of a building. The idea behind this tradition is to celebrate the pinnacle of a building project, which in our case is the new library. To commemorate laying the final steel beam on the structure, students, faculty, staff and alumni signed their names to the beams. In addition, we heard from several key people at the university and prayed for God’s blessing over the remainder of construction. To learn more about this event, check out our news release.

ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_9 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_8 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_6 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_5 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_2 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_1 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_4 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_3 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_7

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