DIY Pegboard Organization System for College Students

Using pegboard for storage is certainly not a new concept. Any of you with an enclosed garage or work shed probably have it all over the place. But did you ever think to use it for dorm storage? It’s a great way to get items off your desk and on the walls to efficiently utilize a small living space! While Union University is known for having some of the nicest and largest resident apartments and individual rooms for students, adjusting to apartment life is still a challenge. Using good storage techniques is the key to containing clutter.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a simple pegboard storage system for about $35, not including the items you’re storing. The great thing about this system is that it can be totally personalized.

Materials for the project, list below.


  • Empty frame ($5-10. We rescued ours from the dumpster, but you can usually find cheap frames at thrift stores)
  • Pegboard cut to frame size ($8)
  • Pegboard organizer kit ($12, it is more cost effective to buy a kit, even if you don’t use all the pieces)
  • Paint ($3 – use spray paint, not what we have pictured)
  • Stencil (free if you make your own)

One of the things we discovered after starting this project was that the surface of the coated pegboard doesn’t take regular paint. It peeled right off! Spray paint worked just fine, though, plus it’s cheaper.

Pegboard fixed into the frame

Start your project by fitting your pegboard piece into your frame. Ours was cut just a tad too big, so we sanded down the edges to fit. If your pegboard is 3/16″ thickness, you should have room to secure it with the frame’s built in tabs.

pegboardframe_unionuniversity_3 pegboardframe_unionuniversity_4

We had a paw print stencil handy, so that’s what we used to add a little pop of color to the pegboard. We sprayed it on at an angle so that it can be used vertically and horizontally. Another good idea would be a stencil with the first letter of your name. Or you could leave the pegboard one color and pick a colorful frame. There are so many possibilities!

pegboardframe_unionuniversity_5 pegboardframe_unionuniversity_6As you can see, the spray paint got away from us a little, but that adds character, right? Right. Once you have your pegboard ready, lay out your organization kit pieces and decide what you want to use. The trays and jars are great for things like paper clips, pushpins, rubber bands, etc. Another great idea would be to use one of the hooks for your keys, especially if you hang your pegboard near your door.

Pegboard in a picture frame, perfect for dorm room storage.

Below is a list of items you could include that might be handy in your dorm room:

  • scissors
  • duct/packing/scotch tape
  • paper/binder clips
  • pens/highlighters
  • a hammer
  • post-it notepad
  • ruler
  • pliers
  • headphones
  • hand sanitizer
  • stapler

There are probably many more things that you could include, especially if you get creative. We hope this is a helpful tip for your dorm room organization. We had a lot of fun making it, and now we’re going to give it away! Check our Facebook page for more information. The winner will be chosen on March 6, 2015.

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