Meet Our Faculty – Part 1

Union University attracts some of the nation’s leading Christian intellectuals. They are dedicated to classroom teaching, mentorship, collaboration and the success of their students. Here are some faculty members we would like you to meet.



Julie Glosson – Professor of Language

“The best way to meet somebody and get to know them is through language.”

Learn more about why Julie Glosson is passionate about teaching language here.







Sean Evans – Professor of Political Science and Department Chair

“Part of what I like to do here is prepare students for an increasingly secular world to where they can maintain their faith but also advance the kingdom in politics or whatever else their chosen profession or career is.”

Read more about Sean Evans’ experience with Christianity and politics here.





Zoila Sanchez – Professor of Nursing

“At this university, whether as a student or a professor, I am encouraged to form these Christian relationships and share the love of Christ in the classroom.”

Learn more about Zoila Sanchez’s role in the School of Nursing here.

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