Hundley Center Moves to More Inviting Location


Renee Jones, director of the Hundley Center for Academic Enrichment, said many students have been disconnected and had a negative perception of the Hundley Center, and the center’s new location should help remedy that.

The Hundley Center moved from the upper level of the old library to a downstairs location on the main hallway near Union Station in the Penick Academic Complex earlier this year.

“The Hundley Center is not just a place that you go when you are stressed out academically,” she said. “Smart people start here.”

Jones said she would encourage all freshman students to visit the Hundley Center as soon as they start college. She said she wants to see the center become part of the norm.


“We are here to lay a foundation that is strong and fertile and prepare students to flourish,” Jones said.

The Hundley Center has more than 20 faculty-recommended peer tutors in more than 30 subjects. Jones said most students are familiar with the center’s peer tutoring program, but they don’t realize that it offers much more.

The Hundley Center offers a grad school prep series, test preparation for tests such as the GRE, LSAT and MCAT, and academic coaches.

“We will have students map out their entire academic plan so they know where they’re going and how to get there,” Jones said.

She said the main purpose of the Hundley Center is to support the efforts of faculty and bridge the gap between the classroom and understanding the material.


Jones said the new space will allow more students access to the Hundley Center’s resources. The space is split into two sides: quiet study areas and group study areas. She said any student is welcome to study there, and she will continue to make the center more accessible and accommodating.

“We want to equip every student to succeed at the university level,” Jones said. “God gives us all gifts, and we want to help students unveil them and cultivate them.”

Story by Nathan Handley, Photos by Kristi Woody


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