49-bell Carillon Dedicated at Union Night

Union dedicated the new 49-bell Miller Tower carillon as part of Union Night Oct. 1 during Family Weekend. The bronze bells replaced the speaker system in the tower last summer and chime every quarter hour. They can also be played using a keyboard in the base of the tower. A professional carillonneur played a concert of hymns after the dedication.

Kaylee Gibson, president of Union’s student government association, said Miller Tower serves as a symbol for the campus, and the bells are an important part of that.

“The ringing is a gentle reminder that time will pass, things will change, but God is always good,” she said. “I hope that we can all see these bells as an inspiration to inscribe God’s word on our own hearts and to never be silent when we should be singing his praise.”

Read more about the carillon on our website.

Story by Nathan Handley


Summer Music Camp 2016 Photos

Another successful Summer Music Camp wraps up today. The Department of Music has enjoyed teaching kids of all ages about music this week through choir and instrumental classes. It has been a wonderful week, and the students will practice what they’ve learned during a concert this evening for their friends and family.

Please enjoy these photos from the camp!

Alumna Celebrates Jackson Community


Katie Howerton said Union taught her what community is and how important it is to the lives of the people within it.

“Union taught me how to care so much about the community I was in that now I feel inclined to care for the community I’m in at work,” she said.

Howerton is the communications manager for Our Jackson Home, an organization created to celebrate the people and the stories of Jackson, Tennessee. A 2015 Union graduate, Howerton worked on the design for the Our Jackson Home magazine as her senior project.

She said in her time in the Union community, she slowly developed a love for the Jackson community. After she graduated, she said she wanted to continue working for Our Jackson Home because of the way it speaks to Jackson.

“I knew I wanted to do it, but I knew it couldn’t just be a hobby,” Howerton said.

She said Our Jackson Home was run by volunteers, and they knew that if no one took over to run it full-time, it would not last long. They asked her if she would be interested.

“It could have become just this thing that happened in 2015 if nobody took over,” Howerton said. “They said, ‘Hey, we know that you may not be super confident, but we’re confident in you, and we’re willing to take a risk.’”

Howerton said she is glad to have had Union as a training ground for her professional career.

“On top of training to be a professional, I also was given plenty of room to be creative, which was what first allowed me to come up with the idea for Our Jackson Home (magazine) and continues to allow me to run it,” she said.

Howerton said her professors at Union gave her direction, but they also set her free to follow creative ideas. She said that has helped her as she continues to develop ideas for Our Jackson Home.

“I don’t feel aimless because I don’t have specific directions,” she said. “I’m comfortable allowing room to explore.”160422_KMW_KatieWorking009160422_KMW_KatieWorking014

Meet Our Faculty – Part 1

Union University attracts some of the nation’s leading Christian intellectuals. They are dedicated to classroom teaching, mentorship, collaboration and the success of their students. Here are some faculty members we would like you to meet.



Julie Glosson – Professor of Language

“The best way to meet somebody and get to know them is through language.”

Learn more about why Julie Glosson is passionate about teaching language here.







Sean Evans – Professor of Political Science and Department Chair

“Part of what I like to do here is prepare students for an increasingly secular world to where they can maintain their faith but also advance the kingdom in politics or whatever else their chosen profession or career is.”

Read more about Sean Evans’ experience with Christianity and politics here.





Zoila Sanchez – Professor of Nursing

“At this university, whether as a student or a professor, I am encouraged to form these Christian relationships and share the love of Christ in the classroom.”

Learn more about Zoila Sanchez’s role in the School of Nursing here.

First Snow of 2016

Over the weekend, our three campuses were blanketed with a coat of snow. This was the first snow of the year, and some students here for January term took advantage of the opportunity to have snowball fights and build snowmen. Here are some of our favorite photos from Friday and Saturday.

1D4_0474_5_6_7 High

Photo of Hendersonville campus by Don Claussen, Trap the Light Photography



First snow for The Logos library




Photos submitted by Kayla McKinney



Photos submitted by Kayla McKinney



Photos by Kristi Woody

Students Share Christmas Traditions

The Christmas season is a season of traditions – decorations, music, food and spending time with friends and family. Some traditions are universal, and others are unique. A few Union students shared their favorite Christmas traditions.

Jameson Winter

“Each year my family gets together to celebrate Christmas. The older all of us kids get, the harder it becomes to have everyone in the same place, but we do our best. I suppose we don’t have many traditions, but we always enjoy our time together and we always have the best food. My mother is an exceptional cook and baker. Each year, she makes her apple pie from scratch, and it’s easily one of the greatest tastes I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Needless to say, it doesn’t last very long in our big family.”

Kelly Gwartney

“I love Christmas parties, Christmas food, making deliveries with my mom, giving gifts, playing games and most importantly celebrating the life of Jesus. One of my favorite holiday traditions is looking at Christmas decorations, lights and trees around the town or in Memphis and Nashville. My family and friends will travel to see big decorations in the Opryland or Peabody Hotel because it gets us in the Christmas spirit. I love to walk around and admire all of the time and hard work people put into making their Christmas decorations the best.”


David Taylor

“My favorite Union Christmas tradition is the freshman council Christmas party, which I have been blessed to take part in twice: once when I served on freshman council and once when I served as freshman council mentor. Both times, Karen Taylor graciously opened her house to us and provided a meal. Freshman year, however, was an interesting experience. We always do a white elephant gift exchange, and the limit is five dollars. Unbeknownst to Karen, you can get a mouse from Petco for less than five dollars. Needless to say, when she realized that there was a mouse in one of the boxes, she went crazy and made us get the mouse out of her house. It was an experience I will never forget.”


Admissions Hosts First Bulldog Days

A total of 56 students and their parents got to know Union University at the first Bulldog Days, October 16 – 17. High school juniors and seniors came from 11 states for an overnight stay.

The students had access to information panels, campus tours and a student life and academic fair that are not typically available at a college preview day. They were able to choose between sessions that fit their needs best.

A longer visit allowed more time for students to meet professors and students from multiple departments and student organizations who were able to show off what they had to offer.

The overnight stay let students connect and bond with other prospective and current students and get a taste of what campus life is like at Union University.

Story by Nathan Handley, Photos by Kristi Woody

Prospective students mingle with faculty and staff during a breakfast Prospective students mingle with faculty and staff during a breakfast

Student ambassador gives a tour of the cafeteria Student ambassador gives a tour of the student union building Student ambassadors lead a tour Student ambassador gives a tour.

Fonsie Guilaran teaches a sample class to prospective students Wayne Wofford gives a tour of the biology greenhouse James Kerfoot shows off our hawk to prospective students Student leaders on a panel to answer questions from prospective students Prospective students learn about student organizations.


Union Runners Contribute to Our Jackson Home

Earlier this year, a new media group started here in Jackson called Our Jackson Home. They began with a podcast and blog and have expanded to more social media and even a beautiful magazine designed by a recent Union University art graduate. Our Jackson Home recently did a series on running, which included two Union cross country runners and an MBA graduate who is the assistant cross country coach. The series coincided with the three runners completing the Boston Marathon in April.

Here are the three posts:

We encourage you to follow along with Our Jackson Home as they tell the stories of Jackson residents and businesses. OJH has a large team of contributors behind it, many of whom graduated from Union. We’re very happy to see our graduates contributing to the local community in this way.

Bailey Bell, far left, with his teammates

Bailey Bell, far left, with his teammates

Audrey Hazelhurst, front middle, and Beth Wilson, front far right, with their teammates

Audrey Hazelhurst, front middle, and Beth Wilson, front far right, with their teammates

DIY Pegboard Organization System for College Students

Using pegboard for storage is certainly not a new concept. Any of you with an enclosed garage or work shed probably have it all over the place. But did you ever think to use it for dorm storage? It’s a great way to get items off your desk and on the walls to efficiently utilize a small living space! While Union University is known for having some of the nicest and largest resident apartments and individual rooms for students, adjusting to apartment life is still a challenge. Using good storage techniques is the key to containing clutter.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a simple pegboard storage system for about $35, not including the items you’re storing. The great thing about this system is that it can be totally personalized.

Materials for the project, list below.


  • Empty frame ($5-10. We rescued ours from the dumpster, but you can usually find cheap frames at thrift stores)
  • Pegboard cut to frame size ($8)
  • Pegboard organizer kit ($12, it is more cost effective to buy a kit, even if you don’t use all the pieces)
  • Paint ($3 – use spray paint, not what we have pictured)
  • Stencil (free if you make your own)

One of the things we discovered after starting this project was that the surface of the coated pegboard doesn’t take regular paint. It peeled right off! Spray paint worked just fine, though, plus it’s cheaper.

Pegboard fixed into the frame

Start your project by fitting your pegboard piece into your frame. Ours was cut just a tad too big, so we sanded down the edges to fit. If your pegboard is 3/16″ thickness, you should have room to secure it with the frame’s built in tabs.

pegboardframe_unionuniversity_3 pegboardframe_unionuniversity_4

We had a paw print stencil handy, so that’s what we used to add a little pop of color to the pegboard. We sprayed it on at an angle so that it can be used vertically and horizontally. Another good idea would be a stencil with the first letter of your name. Or you could leave the pegboard one color and pick a colorful frame. There are so many possibilities!

pegboardframe_unionuniversity_5 pegboardframe_unionuniversity_6As you can see, the spray paint got away from us a little, but that adds character, right? Right. Once you have your pegboard ready, lay out your organization kit pieces and decide what you want to use. The trays and jars are great for things like paper clips, pushpins, rubber bands, etc. Another great idea would be to use one of the hooks for your keys, especially if you hang your pegboard near your door.

Pegboard in a picture frame, perfect for dorm room storage.

Below is a list of items you could include that might be handy in your dorm room:

  • scissors
  • duct/packing/scotch tape
  • paper/binder clips
  • pens/highlighters
  • a hammer
  • post-it notepad
  • ruler
  • pliers
  • headphones
  • hand sanitizer
  • stapler

There are probably many more things that you could include, especially if you get creative. We hope this is a helpful tip for your dorm room organization. We had a lot of fun making it, and now we’re going to give it away! Check our Facebook page for more information. The winner will be chosen on March 6, 2015.

Topping Out Ceremony for the Library

Many people may not have heard of a “topping out,” but it’s quite a neat event during the construction of a building. The idea behind this tradition is to celebrate the pinnacle of a building project, which in our case is the new library. To commemorate laying the final steel beam on the structure, students, faculty, staff and alumni signed their names to the beams. In addition, we heard from several key people at the university and prayed for God’s blessing over the remainder of construction. To learn more about this event, check out our news release.

ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_9 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_8 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_6 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_5 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_2 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_1 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_4 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_3 ToppingOut_UnionUniversity_7