Family Weekend Photos – 2018

Last weekend was our annual Family Weekend. There were various family-oriented events on campus such as a corn-hole tournament, ultimate frisbee game, and Union Night with fireworks. Here are some of our favorite photos from the events of the weekend.

Photos by Kristi Woody, Joey Echeverria, Nikki Grim, Lynn Tucker



Family Weekend 2014 – Union Night

Dr. Dub participates in a chemistry demonstration

Post by Josh Clarke, director of alumni services

Family Weekend 2014 culminated Saturday evening in one of the newest traditions on campus, Union Night. Over 1,000 members of the Union family came together to celebrate the gift of community that God has blessed us with. It was a fantastic night showcasing the best of Union University with student organizations, schools and departments hosting a variety of family friendly activities. These activities spanned from making your own s’mores to face painting. The more adventurous members of the Union community were able to check “hot air balloon ride” off their bucket list by taking a tethered ride over campus.

The hot air balloon was a big hit, with students and families lined up waiting for their turn at Union Night.

One of the most exciting opportunities at Union Night is for students to highlight their ongoing efforts, whether it is in the classroom, in the community, or on the court. The Engineering Department used its class projects to set up a life-size version of “Angry Birds,” where Union Night visitors could try their hand at knocking down towers with student made catapults.  Guests were able to see some philanthropic initiatives of our students as Zeta Tau Alpha kicked off its annual “Think Pink Week,” raising awareness for breast cancer research, and Alpha Tau Omega raised money and awareness for the American Heart Association. The School of Nursing and Office of University Ministries were on hand to raise funds to support upcoming mission trips around the world. Through the night the celebration of the transition into NCAA DII continued as our Bulldog and Lady Bulldog teams were introduced to the crowd. The evening came to a close with a brilliant display of fireworks.

Kersey family marvels at the fireworks

For 191 years, the Lord has used Union University as an instrument of His grace to prepare students to go serve in church and community. Across campus He is still doing just that. Union Night serves as an opportunity for the greater Union community to come and see all that He is doing currently on our campus. To sit and talk with old friends, to bring the next generation of Unionites to campus for the first time, to visit with organizations that had a major impact on your life or to see how your current student is growing — Union Night provides each member of the Union family the chance the come and witness God’s continued grace to our beloved campus. Our hope is that Union Night will celebrate all that Union University is while reminding current students, alumni, families and friends that they are a part of something that is larger than their four years here.

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Fireworks, Miller Tower and Union Night guests